A Reviewonrole of biomaterials in biomedical field


Author(s): KhanMohd Yaqub, ChenMin-Hua

Over the past few decades, we have seen impact advancement in the field of biomedical engineering and it ultimately leads to development in biomaterials. In the ancient world, Egyptians use the technology of biomedical engineering with the help of biomaterials. They have artificially corrected different sections of their body such as ears, eyes, teeth, and noses. Now, in the modern world we can clearly see advancement in biomaterials in the form of implants such as bone plates, bone cement, blood tubes, pacemakers, artificial heart, etc., are widely used to improve or correct dysfunction of degenerated or impaired tissues or organs in a patient. Thus,improving the life and quality of a patient. The basic need that we want in biomaterial is that materials should have high resistance to corrosion and wear; it should have good strength and shear, long life and least toxicity inside a patient. In this review, we have discussed biomaterial, their types along with their examples, advantages, disadvantages and their applications and what are the factors that we should keep in our mind before choosing any biomaterial.

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