A short review of bioavailability studies on various drug profiles


Author(s): PrashanthievangelinM.*,VamsiKrishna G.,ElishaY., RadhikaG., B. Chandra SekharPravallika

Novel Drug Delivery Systemis drivingtowards increasing safety and efficacy of existing drugmolecule through novel concepts like Oral Drug Delivery System.thereinthe essential approachutilizedinthe eventof the oral dispersible tablets by using different superdisintegrants. Tablets containingAtenolol with superdisintegrants like sodium starch glycolate, cross carmellose sodium, cross povidone were prepared by direct compression method. The formulated tablets were evaluated forpre-formulationand post formulation parametersand that theywere found to be satisfactory. The formulated oraldispersible tablets possess good drug releasing property, good mouth feel and improved drugbioavailability with better patient compliance


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