Antibacterial activity of plant extracts and silver mediated nano particles of Ipomoea pes capraeand Spinifex littoreus


Author(s): Yakkala Gruha Laxmi, Aniel Kumar O, MalleswaraRao K, B. Anand Raju

Preparation of plant extracts using methanol and silver mediated nanoparticles using 1 mM AgNO3for both the plants Ipomoea pes caprae and Spinifex littoreus.Isolation and identification of bacteria from the fish sample. Testing the antibacterial activityof both the plant extracts and nanoparticles against Enterococcus faecalisand Bacillus subtilisusing agar well diffusion method. The antibacterial activity of both the plant extracts and nanoparticles is confirmed. The silver mediated nanoparticles showed remarkable resistance against the above-mentioned bacteria. These plants can be a potential alternative to therapeutic useful antibiotics, chemical preservatives to reduce food spoilage since they show antibacterial activity.

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