Antimicrobial activity of floral extracts on selected human pathogens


Author(s): Sunilbabu Koppula and K Ammani

Antimicrobial potential in the flower crude extracts of five plants viz. Michelia champaca L., Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L., Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don, Mimusops elengi L. and Azadirachta indica having some medicinal properties was traced in the present study. The flowers extract of all the plants inhibited the growth of pathogenic microbes. Crude extract using methanol as solvent showed a maximum inhibition of zone formation for the species Klebsillae pneumonia (45 mm) and Escherichia coli (40 mm) at a concentration of 40μg/mL. The crude extract of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L., showed maximum inhibition zone for Staphalococcus aureus (23 mm) and Escherichia coli (20 mm) at a concentration of 40μg/mL next to Michelia champaca L. In the present study it was observed that flowers extracts of the five plants had broad spectrum of antifungal activity.

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