Antimicrobial potential of methanolic extract of Bacillusaquimarisisolated from the marine waters of Burmanallah coast, South Andaman


Author(s): TijoCherian, SuneelkumarYalla, R. Mohanraju

Marine environments are natural endowments, known to be “treasured hideouts” of novel molecules of biologically dynamic chemical species of potent activity, lingered largely uncharted, prospecting vibrant applications in pharmaco-dynamics and drug kinetics. Bioprospecting of marine microbes has discerned many astonishing milestones in pharmacology, drug designing, and therapeutics. Marine Bacillusare known to produce structurally diverse versatile secondary complexes such as lipopeptides, polypeptides, macrolactones, polyketides and coumarins showcasing a wide array of biological bustles, ranging from antimicrobial, antialgal and anticancer in nature, heavy metal detoxification, carotenoids production to biocontrol agents and biopesticides. In this respect, species of Bacillus aquimaris,isolated from the coastal water of Burmanallah, South Andaman and phenotypically characterized by routine biochemical tests. The antibacterial activity of its methanolic extract was assessed by agar well diffusion assay confirming the presence of active metabolites exemplified by LC-MS peaks, thereby, warranting a ‘multiplex of approach’ for applicative advances and pharma-settings.

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