Antioxidant, antimicrobialandanticancerproperties of Syzygium cuminileaf extract


Author(s): Gopalakrishnaiah B.* and O. Aniel Kumar

Syzygium  cuminileaf  extract  wasscrutinized  indetail  for  biological  properties  of anticancer, antimicrobialandantioxidant  activities Anticancer  activity  of S.  cumini leaf  extract  was  determined through colorimetric  MTT  (tetrazolium)  assay  againstcervicalcancer  (HeLa)  and human  breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7) cell line and the antimicrobial property of the plant extract revealed by using agar   well   diffusionagainst sixbacterialand   three   fungalisolates.   Antioxidant   activity was characterized  using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl(DPPH)  radical  scavenging  method.  The  results  of present  study  indicated  that Syzygium  cuminileaf  extract  possessed  anticancer  activities  with  half maximal  inhibitory  concentration  (IC50)  of 248.2μg/ml.  The  minimum  inhibitory  concentration (MIC)values  were  ranged  from  31.25  to  125  mg/l  in.  The  plant  extract found  to  inhibit  30%  of  DPPH,  free radicals. Findings  from  this  study  indicated  that  methanol  extract  of Syzygium  cuminileaf  possessed vast  potentialas  medicinal  drug  especiallyin drug  resistant microorganismsand breast  cancer treatment.

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