Antioxidants Role in the Prevention of Free Radical Formation


Author(s): Sreenu Domatoti, Sunil Babu Koppula, Usha Sunil Koppula

Oxygen and nitrogen species are very important in t he biological reaction by these reaction toxic species are also produced some times these ae involved in the prolongation of the reaction.These reactions cause many disorders and diseases. These reactions are controlled by using the antioxidants. In this article we mainly discuss abo ut what are antioxidants, classification of anti- oxidants, the formation of ROS and NOS what is the importance in the free radicals formation, what is oxidative stress, antioxidants mechanisms, in vivo and in vitro determination methods and discuss about only some of the drugs used for the treatment, what is the reason are explained in this article. Controlling of the free radicals (FR) formation is the very important in the any living system. These FR are involved in the cell damage and cases the many disorders and many diseases.

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