Assessment of In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract of PetiveriaalliaceaL. (Phytolaccaceae)


Author(s): RajeshA , Doss A , TresinaP.S, MohanV.R

The aim of the present study, is to study the phytochemical and In-vitroanti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract of Petiveria alliaceaL. whole plant. Phytochemical screening of whole plant ethanol extract revealed the presence of alkaloid, flavonoid, saponin, steroid, phenol, tannin, glycoside and terpenoid. In-vitroanti-inflammatory activity was screened against inhibition of albumin denaturation, proteinase inhibitory activity, heat induced haemolysis, hypotonicity induced haemolysis and antilipoxygenase activity. Aspirin was used as standard drug. The results showed that Petiveriaalliaceawhole plant at a concentration of 500 μg/ml significantly (P<0.01) protect the heat induced protein denaturation, proteinase inhibitory action and heat induced haemolysis of erythrocyte. Hypotonicity induced haemolysis and lipoxygenase activity were significantly (P<0.01) inhibited at the concentration of 500 μg/ml. the results obtained in the present study indicate that ethanol extract of Petiveria alliaceawhole plant can be a potential source of anti-inflammatory agents

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