Boon and Banes of Advanced Bariatric Surgery


Author(s): Sandeep RajanK, TejaswiK, Vinod KumarPand NLDurga Prasad

Bariatric surgery is a convenient and sophisticated technique recently developed to treat obesity great than surgeries earlier. Obesity is the one that decrease the man’s survival life. The updated sedentary life style makes us obese. As a result a lot of notorious diseases risk us to bear lots of problems. To avoid this, bariatric surgery now a day’s rules the obesity out, facilitates to be free from dreadful diseases. Lots of difficulties, if proper care is not taken but lots of benefits, if followed properly. As a pharmacist it is our responsibility to boom up the present undertaking margin of success of surgery. Also wants to give a challenge that to develop a dosage form to burn up the fats without surgery to minimize the risks of complications has been acquired during surgery. Bariatric

surgery acts like a single shot for 100 birds as it vanishes many diseases with a single surgery.

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