Clinical efficacy of Ashwattha Choorna Lepain the management of Mukhapaka


Author(s): Krishan Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar Jain, Smita Paul

Mukha(mouth) is one of the important parts of body and it is exposed to various risk factors due to the bad habitslike tobacco chewingandsmoking etc.Mukhapakais pathological condition related to Mukhawhich occurs due to the simple cut, eating hot food items, unhygienic cleaning, vitamins deficienciesandadverse reaction of antibiotics. Lalasrava, Glani, Dugdha Dwesha, Vyatha andNasa Shwasaetc. are general symptomsof Mukhapaka. As per ayurveda Mukha RogasisPittaja Nanatmajaand Rakta Pradoshaja Vikaraandaround 20% of population is suffering with thisproblem.Ayurveda described various treatment modalities for the management ofMukhapaka; Ashwattha Choorna Lepais one of them, present article established efficacy ofAshwattha Choorna LepainMukhapaka.The study concluded that Lepan-Karmawith ayurveda formulation Ashwattha Choornaoffers beneficial effects in mouth ulcer.

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