Comprehensive qualitative phytochemical estimation of Euphorbia neriifolia Linn.


Author(s): Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Meenakshi Dhanawat

Euphorbia neriifoliaLinn. is a restorative plant of Euphorbiaceaefamily, utilized as Indian conventional medication in bronchitis, tumors, leucoderma, heaps, irritation, spleen broadening, weakness, ulcers, and fever. In light of the phytochemical examination of Euphorbia neriifoliaLinn. leaves and stem studied fordifferent phytoconstituents, for example, carbohydrate, proteins, amino acids, steroids, terpenoids, glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins,phenolic mixes, lipids and vitamins. Completeexamination reported that leaves and stem demonstratethe presence of carbohydrate, proteins, terpenoids, glycosides, alkaloids, tannins, phenolic mixes and lipidswere available in ethyl acetate, benzene and chloroform extractof leaves. Steroids and flavonoids were available in chloroform extract of leaves.Steroids were available in benzene extract of leaves. Flavonoids, vitamins were available in ethyl acetate extract of leaves. Proteins, amino acids, terpenoids, glycosides, alkaloids, tannins and phenolic mixes, lipids and vitamins were available in alcoholic extract and aqueous extract of leaves. Starch and steroids were available in alcoholic extract of leaves. Sugars were available in aqueous extract of leaves. Starch, terpenoids, alkaloids, tannins and phenolic mixes and lipids were available in pet. ether extract of leaves and aqueous extract of stem. Sugar, proteins, steroids, glycosides were available in pet. Ether extract of leaves. Proteins, glycosides, flavonoids, vitamins were available in aqueous extract of stem. The criticalness of the phytochemical constituents with the regard to the job of euphorbia neriifolialinn. In conventional prescription treatment is examined.

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