Fabrication and in-vitro evaluation of udenafil nanosuspensions: Udenafil nanosuspensions


Author(s): Harini Chowdary Vadlamudi+Haritha Meda+Devala Rao G.+Mandava Bhuvan Tej+

The rationale of the present study was to formulate, characterize and evaluate the nanosuspension of udenafil, a poorly water soluble and low bioavailable drug with intend of recuperating aqueous solubility consequently the dissolution rate. Udenafil nanosuspensions were prepared by nanoprecipitation method using different polymers. Materials used in the preparation of nanosuspensions were Pluronic F68, SLS, PVP K30, Tween-80, and Methanol. Different ratio of polymers were used in the  formulation of twelve udenafil formulations (U1 to U12) The prepared nanosuspensions were characterized by drug- excipient interactions (FTIR)  and evaluated for drug content uniformity, particle size analysis, zeta potential, in-vitro drug release and short-term stability. U10 formulation containing Pluronic F68 exhibited better drug release exhibiting zero order drug release kinetics. Stability studies proved good nanosuspension strength

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