Ferroelctric behaviour of Fe2O3ZnNnaocomposites


Author(s): Kavin Micheal M, Ayeshamariam A, Alhaji N.M.I, Fowziya S.A., Rajasekar S, M.Jayachandran

The Zn doped Fe2O3thin films are sprayed on the glass plate by the method of Spray analysis. Thin film was characterized by X-Ray diffractometer to study the crystal structure of the thin film. The average size of the calculated crystal size by using Scherer equation is 59nm. Mixed metal oxides having spinel structure shows interesting structural properties. The completions of formation of spinel phase were identified using X-ray diffraction technique. All the compounds exhibit Rhombohedral spinel symmetry and lattice constant shows an irregular trend with substitution of Zn. Infra-red spectral studies shows an two strong bands, one around 600 cm-1which is attributed to the intrinsic vibrations of Rhombohedral complexes and the other at 400 cm-1is due to octahedral one. The morphology and size of the particles was found out by scanning electron microscopy while the elemental compositions by elemental EDAX analysis. The various compounds of the present system Fe2O3Zn were also investigated for their electronic studies.

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