Flocourtia jangomasL. fruits found in Brahmaputra valley agro-climatic condition: A nutritional study


Author(s): Aniruddha Sarmaa*, Mantu Mahanta

Fruits have always been a leading part of our diet. Fruits and other parts of plants havebeen used for their medicinal properties in different purposes, mostly human health. Generally, fruitsare delicious and also rich in phytochemicals which have immense health benefits. Pharmaceuticalcompanies are always craving for the discovery of newer elements in plants which can be used asmedicines. The fruits ofFlacourtiajangomas., mostly eaten raw, are sparingly available inBrahmaputra valley agro-climaticcondition and subject for study on its basic nutritional andproperties covering the parameters such as total carbohydrate, crude proteins, dietaryfibers, total phenols and flavonoids as well as antioxidant properties. The results showed satisfactoryinformation as total carbohydrate amounting 14.1±1.2%, total protein content at 4.21±0.78%, ashcontent at 0.735±0.11%, total lipid 0.16±0.03%,total phenolics content 390 mg GAE/100g of dry matter,flavonoid content at 6.66 mg GAE/100g dry matter, crude fibcontent at 1.01±0.11%, ascorbic acidat105.63 mg/100g dry matter. Antioxidant activity of methanolic extract of dry fruit matter reveals that11μg/ml can reduce half ofthereactive oxygen species (in DPPH method). These results show a goodpromise onthepotentiality of the fruit to be used as a good source of bioactive compounds along withbasic food nutrients

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