Formulationand Evaluation of fast dissolving tablets containingAmlodipine Besylate


Author(s): SugaveRamling V, NagobaShivappaN, Sanjay S.Thonte, VijayendraSwamy S.M, Bhosale Pratap H.

In the present work, fast dissolving tablet of Amlodipine besylatewas formulatedwith quick onset of action. The main objective of thisstudy was to formulate and evaluate fast dissolving tablets of amlodipine besylateto achieve a better dissolution rate and further improving the bioavailability of the drug. Fast dissolving tablets prepared by direct compression and using super-disintegrants in differentconcentration and evaluated for the pre-compression parameters. The prepared tablets were evaluated for post compressional. Among all, the formulation F8 containing 8%w/w super-disintegrantCroscarmellosesodium, Crospovidoneand Microcrystalline Cellulose was considered to be best formulation, which release up to 96.50% in 10 min.

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