Importance of Awareness, Specific Knowledge and Screening Behavior of Rural Women withBreast Cancer at Government General Hospital, Guntur, A.P.


Author(s): Ch. Kereena, Z. Vishnu Vardhan, T. V. Siva Rama Krishna

Breast cancer is the second most common malignancy in India and majority of the present patients are suffering fromlocally advanced breast carcinoma (LABC). Breast cancer accounts for 5-8% of all cancer in India and the incidence is onthe rise. Breast cancer screening includes tests to detect breast cancer at an early stage before a woman discovers alump. The chance of dying from breast cancer has declined by about one third over the past few decades. Control ofbreast cancer depends on increase in publicawareness of the disease. Treatment should be heavilysubsidizedby thegovernment and screening programme must be incorporated in primary health care centers as well as improvinginfrastructural development of health facilities. Importantly, the outcome of such screening would guide the managementconditions throughout life including the decision-making process in which the individual would be an important part. Thisarticle reviewed the importance of awareness, specific knowledge about breast cancer, screening methods which includeswhen it must be started.

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