Morpho-Anatomical studies of Atalantia racemosa Wight ex Hook., an important medicinal plant of Chittoor Dt. of Andhra Pradesh, India.


Author(s): Naga PadmavathiV, K. Madhava Chetty

Atalantia racemosaWight ex Hook., belongs to the family Rutaceaeand is widely used as ethnomedicine in and around chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh for various ailments. In thispaper we attempted for authenticity in morphological identification of Atalantia racemosawith the Morpho-anatomicalstudiesof root,stem and leafinorder to provide a scientific basis forthis important medicinal plant. The observations on taxonomical, macroscopical and microscopical characters confirmed that A. racemosahas apparent anatomical distinctivenessand peculiaritieswhich differentiate with any adulterant taxa.

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