Multi drug resistance and MAR index among bacteria associated with fruits and vegetables


Author(s): AnnapurnaY.V.S, Rashmi Savant

Minimally processed foods particularly fruits and raw vegetables have become popular since it suits the present necessity as need of elaborate preparations are not required. Fruits and vegetables carry microbial flora from the farm or other sources to the table. The present study was aimed at isolation and drug resistance pattern among the organisms isolated from fruits and vegetables. The ability of these isolates to produce biofilms and penicillinasewas also assessed. Biofilms help the organisms to survive unfavorableconditions. Total 82.5% of the isolates showed biofilm production on Congo Red Agar medium and 60% showed penicillinase production when tested by filter paper iodometric method. Plasmids among the resistant bacteria may harbor a number of resistance genesand they can be transmitted among the bacteria in environment. These consequences lead to increase in multi-drugresistance.E.coli,Proteus sp., Klebsiella sp., Pseudomonas sp.andCitrobacter sp.,were the prevalent bacteria in fruit and vegetables (intact and unspoiled). Ceftriazone showed maximum resistance in E.coli(87.5%) and Klebsiella sp.(85.71%). Maximum MAR index of 0.75 was found with E.coli.

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