Nanofiber for sublingual delivery: A review


Author(s): MohdUmmerWani, PrabjhotKaur, PreetinderKaur

Oral drug delivery administration is found as the most appropriate method in drug administration because it is easy to utilize, higher patient compliance along with non-invasive nature. The electrospinning process basically utilized to produce nanofibers by feeding a polymer solution in the high electric field. The electrospinning tools mainly consist of electrical supply to produce more electrical voltage where the syringe is generally filled with the solution of polymer, a pump along with a static or movable collector surrounded in a chamber. Electrospun nanofibers can be produced with natural, semisynthetic along with synthetic polymers. As compared to natural sources of polymers, synthetic polymers are more flexible in modification along with synthesis. In the meantime, natural polymers show more safety as well as biocompatibility. This paper covers a detailed review of all the state-of-art methods used in the field showing promising results.

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