Novel Drug Eluting Stent for Coronary Artery Effected Lesions


Author(s): Rama Devi A, Swathi G, Somalingeswara Rao K, Prasad NLD and I Sudheer Babu

A c oronary st ent is a tube placed in t he c oronary art eries that s uppl

y t he heart , to keep t he

arteries open in the treatm ent of coronary heart diseas e. It is used in a procedure called coronary

interv ention (PCI ). Stents reduce chest pain and hav e been shown to improv e survivability in the ev ent of

an ac ute my ocardial infarction. Similar stents and procedures are used in non-coronary v ess els e.g. in

the legs in peripheral artery dis ease. I n dev elopment are stent s with bioc ompat ible s urf ace coatings

which do not elute drugs, and also absorbable stent s, generally us ed f or t he coronary art eries like as

atheros clerosis , angina pec toris .

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