Salbutamol Buccal Patches To Treat Blood Pressure


Author(s): Swathi G, Rama Devi A, Somalingeswara Rao K, Prasad NLD and I Sudheer Babu

The aim of the present work is to investigate the formulation of salbutamol buccal patches for

controlled release medication in order to treat blood pressure and cardiac diseases. The half life of

salbutamol is 10 hrs and in order to treat the angina pectoris which required 24hr controlled drug release

and to avoid degradation of drug in GIT, the buccal patches were prepared. The patches were prepared

by solvent casting method using hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC K15) and carbopol 974. The

patches were found to be smooth in appearance, uniform in thickness, weight uniformity, drug content,

swelling index, folding endurance, surface pH and in vitro diffusion study using Keshery chien diffusion

cell. The optimized patch of 1% HPMC K15 exhibit in vitro release of 80% through cellophane membrane

and in vivo release 73.4% through egg membrane and the optimized patch of 1% Carbopol 974 exhibit in

vitro release of 75.2% through cellophane membrane and in vivo release 71.1% through egg membrane

in 8 hrs showing good muco adhesive strength and muco adhesive time.

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