Screening of Antimicrobial Activity of of Antimicrobial Activity of Cymbopogon caesius Cymbopogon coloratus Essential Oils


Author(s): N Sarath Chandra Bose, T Nirmala Mary, K Ammani

The present study is aimed at extracting the essential oil fromCymbopogon caesius and Cymbopogon coloratus and to check the susceptibility of Citrobacter, Klebsiella pneumoniae ,Proteus mirabilis ,Salmonella entericaser. typhi, Shigella flexneri ,Candida albicans ,Trichophyton rubrum,Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus fumigatus to the extracted essential oils. The essential oil was obtained by steam distillation of leaves of Cymbopogon caesius and Cymbopogon coloratus. The agar diffusion method using filter paper disks was employed to assess the antibacterial activity and antifungal activity

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