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Author(s): Pushpamala Ramaiah, K Lalitha

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of poly herbal powder in different doses under condition gastric ulcer induced by aspirin. Aspirin administration caused ulceration that was manifested by the increase in gastric volume secretion, ulcer index and total acidity. Co-administration of polyherbal powder and standard drug cimitidine influenced the gastric ulcer, as was evidenced decreasing gastric volume and ulcer index as well as histopathologicalc changes. The results suggested that poly herbal powder do have significant role in alleviating gastric ulcer in the aspirine-induced gastric ulcer in rats. It might conclude that polyherbal powder could protect the gastric mucosa against aspirin induced gastric ulcer. Terminalia chebulaand Casssia angostifolia, Solanum surattenseand Withania somniferaas ethanomedicinally to treat gastric ulcer.

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