Isolation and screening of glucose oxidase producing Aspergillus oryzae strain MF13 from marine source

  • Usha Devi Thangaprakasam Department of Microbiology, Marudupandiyar College Vallam Thanjavur
  • Gangaiyammal Ayyasamy Department of Microbiology, Marudupandiyar College Vallam Thanjavur
Keywords: Glucose oxidase, marine source, A. oryzae, MF13, screening, Sequence


Glucose Oxidase (GOx) received numerous applications in the food industry and clinical fields. Marine fungi extensively recognized for their ability to harvest enzyme source. In this study, we have made an effort to collect the sediment samples were collected from the coastal marine source of Karaikal, Puducherry, India. The isolated fungi features were characterized by morphological, physiological and molecular level. A total of 41 fungi isolated from marine soil, from that 8 isolates showed GOx activity. The active GOx producing isolates were selected through screening experiments. The particular isolate (MF13) genomic DNA was extracted. The extracted DNA was applied to be appropriate for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the amplification of target sequences in the 5.8S rRNA gene complex of internal transcribed spacer region (ITS1-ITS2). The ITS region of fungal rRNA is high importance for species-level identification of A. oryzae strain MF13 was found to be more reliable by comparative Genbank sequences. The potent A. oryzae was exhibited maximum cell biomass and GOx activity 3.50 g/L, 0.95 U/mg respectively. The present finding reveled GOx producing A. oryzae strain MF13 were found in marine source and beneficial for industrial applications.


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