An idea of using drug combination therapy through double-layered dissolving microneedles to treat streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic rats


Author(s): Min Hua Chen+Mohd Yaqub Khan

Microneedle transport approach has been used from past few a long time as a method to break the stratum corneum layer of skin and to perform the effective transport of drug across the skin and it is especially used for delivery of peptides, protein, DNA, oligonucleotides, molecular mass medicine and inactivated viruses across the dermal layer of the skin. In this hypothetical paper, we specifically targeted on how we will develop double-layer microneedle which can deliver drug-mixture therapy efficaciously. Because there are many diseases together with cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, leprosy, HIV, and AIDS, which may be efficiently handled by way of drug-combination therapy however this remedy is particularly confined to the tablet, capsule or another form of dosage. If, we can develop double-layered microneedle that can an opportunity to treat these illnesses with painless delivery. In the paper, we have tried to deal with type-2 diabetes with double-layered microneedle and that is formulated with the aid of hypothetically designed capsule which has the projection in it and which may be connected with projection of primary microneedle and can form cone-like cavities and from these cavities we will deliver our drug and materials for the development of secondary layer on a primary layer of microneedle and this technique can be utilized in different disease remedy and it is going to reduce fee of treatment, increase in patient compliance, site directed drug-delivery, increase in bioavailability of drug in the blood stream and increase in therapeutic index with less side effects.

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